Jim Downs

Real Estate Investment Coach
Jim Downs had been in the real estate industry for over 40 years as a property investor & investment coach. Jim guides people through life-long property investment strategies to reach a financial independence.


Meet Jim Downs Real Estate in your own city
Come to one of Jim's events to learn more about his property investment strategies to create and keep financial independence! Meet some of his clients who have been using Jim's strategies for 20 years and reached their wealthy retirement by building multi-million dollar portfolio's.

What clients say about Jim Downs Real Estate Investment Coaching

I had gone to other places that were recommending properties but I didn’t feel they were trustworthy. There are a lot of sharks in this business so you do have to be cautious. Then I came across Jim Downs, I felt he was honest and has ethics, you can tell he really has his finger on the pulse of the market. Over the years he has really expanded to include a one stop service for his clients including accountants, planners, lawyers and gathering information on other products like superannuation. He is very well balanced about the data he collects and compare. I would highly recommend anyone starting out to go along to one of Jim Downs Investment briefings to educate themselves more.


Jim Downs Real Estate Coach

Working with Jim not only gave us the confidence to invest but a clear, achievable goal to work towards.


Jim Downs Coach

Cheryl and I are what could be considered new Real Estate Investors Network clients. My introduction to Real Estate Investors Network has been positive with a second property about to be added to our already existing portfolio. Our impression of Real Estate Investors Network from the very start has been professional, positive, impacting and full of confidence. Cheryl and I look forward to our investing future with Real Estate Investors Network, as do a number of friends we have introduced to their system.


Jim Downs

Property Investing Coaching by Jim Downs

Small Home Group
Join one of Jim's home information afternoon sessions to learn more about his property investment strategies to create and keep wealth.

Only ONE event left this year!

Date: 11 November 2017
Time: 3pm
Location: 11 Hector Ct, Kellyville, Sydney NSW

Financial Planning & Investment

Get financial advice to know how you can establish a property investment portfolio.

Taxation & Superannuation

Learn how to claim your expenses and pay tax to effectively use your tax as property investment.

Legal Advice

Jim’s team includes lawyers with many years of experience in real estate investment.

Mortgage Solutions

Find out what the next best steps are for your specific situation.

Appreciating Assets - Jim Downs

An Australian guide to making money and keeping it.
If you are looking for a guide to getting rich quick, this is NOT the book for you. However, if you are willing to create a wealthy future for you and your family with confidence, commitment and financial intelligence, read on! Of Australians, 95% are currently retired on less than $25,000 a year. Appreciating Assets is written for people who want more than that. Who want to retire with wealth and financial independence.

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Learn the skills you'll need for successful financial planning & property investment to reach wealth and financial independence.
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